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Sometimes people ask me why make stops in walking or training. I found it necessary to explain the importance of constipation in general during aerobic training designed to burn fat.
We know that work is more effective anaerobic purpose of burning energy than aerobic work. The amount of calories burned in training, you can see that most energy is consumed for muscle activity and hence that doing strenuous activity brings them a higher calorie consumption. And if you burn calories, it should be noted that increased fat burning activities a while.

Overall, it can be noted that an increase in training intensity efforts that we will increase the basal metabolic rate (BMR) is already in the first period of training. In other words, high-intensity training, performed the control, ultimately increase the amount of energy we consume even between workouts, alone, at night, in everyday life - and it says that there is a constant fat burning and not just the training itself.

When the fitness coach wants to increase the energy expenditure of exercise, it will divide the workout into sections. This practice is called "interval training". These small breaks, are the time H"htaossot "away with these physiological processes:
- The series of respiratory and heart rate enables better utilization of oxygen and removal of carbon dioxide.
- Recovery of muscles that they are energized to continue operations.
- The removal of lactic acid from the muscles into the blood stream, which will enable us to continue in an effective manner.
- A positive psychological effect, increasing motivation and correction of errors made in previous sections.

If we perform continuous training workout efficiency can be low in people who are not trained. For example, run 40 minutes in length, will be effective only in its very early stages and as we go there, tired body will lose efficiency in training. At the end of the training will suffer great fatigue and the coming days will suffer increased pain and fatigue. This training - most likely - in practice not trained will cause a decrease in motivation and a break in training.
Compared Zaot, if we take the training of forty minutes long and divided it into sections, each section will achieve greater efficiency, higher speed and higher calorie burning.

As the peptides will be shorter, so it will be possible to exploit the reserves of energy more effectively in order to increase strength, speed, distance, etc.

Interval training can be written by the instructor as needed and purpose. When I work with new artists and we want to see good results, I am writing exercise based on the target heart rate zone and the distance or speed. This way you can compare Hhsigim training two weeks ago between current practice.
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