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How to grow taller naturally

Some people are born genetically predisposed to grow tall and some people aren’t, that’s all there is to it, right? Not necessarily, but it’s easy to see why there are so many misconceptions about why some people are the height they are. As soon as a baby is born, friends and family start speculating about how tall they’re be, basing their theories on the height of the parents, grandparents and even distant relatives, but in truth there’s a number of genes that can influence height, and a child with two short parents can grow to be tall and vice versa. But when you are fully grown and feel like you got lost on the way to the height you were meant to be, is there anything you can really do to change it? You need to know how to grow taller. After all, this isn’t a cartoon where you can be put on a rack and stretched so that you go from short stuff to tall, dark and handsome. Nor can you have surgery that magically makes you 6 inches taller, while there’s only so far your heels can take you upwards before you regularly start falling downwards. more information on

You can have lengthening surgery, if you’re really desperate to be a bit taller, but it’s a very painful and expensive procedure that only buys you a few inches and costs you half a year of physical therapy and discomfort. So it’s hard to see that it would be a great option for all but the most in need of the boost in height. There are supplements, of course, and these vary in what effect they claim to have and in what ingredients they have in them, so caution must be taken before any pills are taken.

Both surgery and supplements claim to offer to make you grow taller, but both come with mixed results and potentially life changing side effects. If you want to know how to grow taller in a healthy way, there are things you can do, none of which offer a quick fix or miracle, but could give you some positive long term results in terms of height, as well as having several other beneficial effects. more information on

Living healthy starts with not doing any of the things that can stunt growth, like smoking or taking steroids at the age where you should be growing. Beyond that, you need to get lots of sleep and make sure your diet contains plenty of calcium, zinc, vitamin D and protein. Taking vitamin C supplements to keep generally healthy will also help, as will drinking lots of water to keep your body hydrated. more information on wikipedia

If you’re determined to find out how to grow taller, you need to make sure your body stays in good shape, and simply improving your posture will make you a bit taller by removing any stoop in your regular standing pose. Getting lots of exercise will help with this as will regular doing stretching exercises, which may not be enough to physically stretch you into being taller, but will ensure you’re maximising the height you were given. There’s no magic pill for getting tall, but following these tips will certainly help you walk tall and feel taller.

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